Patients will commonly ask us “what is the deal with those dental implants?” or “can I really get teeth in a day like I see on TV?” So, what is the deal with implants?

However, in 1965, the first titanium implant (the type we use today) was placed, and the technology has evolved and exploded ever since. A dental implant is a titanium piece that is placed in the jaw to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. After a period of time, when the implant has integrated into the jaw, we are able to connect a dental restoration to it, so we can allow our patients to regain esthetics, function, and comfort.

In some cases (depending on several factors), a restoration can even be placed the same day the implant is placed!

When dealing with dental implants, and most dentistry for that matter, the planning is every bit as important as the execution. So, prior to any type of dental implant, we take dental impressions and a 3D scan on our patients so we can plan the implant in the optimal position, safely avoiding any important anatomical structures.

If you have any questions about whether or not you are a candidate for dental implants, don’t hesitate to ask. And for the record…the bamboo didn’t work, but you have to love the effort!

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