Going to the dentist can be a very stressful experience for many people…it is not uncommon to hear things like:

But why do patients have these deep-seated concerns? Well, these fears often can be developed at a very young age…maybe there was a bad experience, an unpleasant sound or smell, or sometimes even just being around a family member who doesn’t like going to the dentist can trigger these concerns.

The unfortunate thing is often times these fears cause patients to avoid seeking treatment until their problems are so severe they cause pain and require extensive(and sometimes expensive) treatment to rectify.

By visiting the dentist regularly, problems can be discovered early on, and they often can be addressed with minimally invasive treatment, leading to a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.  On our end, the dental practice can strive to provide a comfortable, calming environment while educating our patients on the importance of preventative care.

By getting to know our patients and the source of their fear, we can guide our treatment to make them as comfortable as possible.

Hopefully, in the right setting and with the right experiences, giving birth won’t be the nervous patient’s preference any longer!

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